surgical instrument cleaning detergents
and washer disinfectors detergents clean surgical instruments rapidly and cut costs

The all-in-ONE enzyme detergent lubricating cleaners clean more effectively and faster.

 The ONEcleaner enzyme detergent cleaners clean surgical instruments residue free. 

The efficacy of surgical instrument cleaners and the use of enzyme surgical instrument cleaners is determined by the ratio of enzymes to bioburden. Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners function more effectively at temperatures above room temperature. The optimal range begins as > 22C, 72 F with performance reaching it's peak at 58.3 C, 137 F. This is often referred to as the optimal temperature for the performance or activity of enzymatic action. The activity of Surgical Instrument Cleaners enzymes does not stop at higher temperatures but the level of performance does begin to decrease. Enzyme cleaning concentrates enzyme-detergents and all-in-one Surgical Instrument Cleaners, which include enzymes, should be used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and the recommendations of the medical devices being cleaned.

Always refer to manufacturer recommendations prior to using surgical instrument cleaners. Ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaners will fragment and loosen soil but will not necessarily remove the soil from the surface of the surgery instrument being cleaned. The primary purpose of a surgical instrument cleaner is to remove all inorganic and organic bioburden material when cleaning surgical instrument prior to sterilization. The secondary purpose of a surgical instrument cleaner is to maintain and improve the passive Layer of stainless steel. The passive layer is provided by the manufacturer of surgical stainless steel to resist corrosion. Proper surgical instrument cleaners will maintain and improve this passive layer. 

If surgical instrument cleaner brushing and rinsing steps are not properly carried out, protein debris can harden and lead to formation of biofilm on the biopsy channel of the endoscope. The optimal surgical instrument cleaner will break down bioburden and clean the surface. 

Inadequate surgical instrument cleaners can result in material remaining on the surfaces which prevents disinfection and sterilization fluids or gases reaching all parts of potentially contaminated surfaces. Four enzyme surgical instrument and washer disinfector detergent cleaners clean surgical instruments residue free and lower reprocessing costs. The ONEcleaner is biodegradable and neutral pH.

surgical instrument detergents
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