Cleaning surgical instruments can render sterile surgical instruments that are sterile. Cleaning surgical instruments is the prerequisite for sterilizing surgical instruments. A surgical instrument washer using an enzyme surgical instrument cleaning detergent delivered efficacy of disinfection of 100%.

The surgical instrument washers using the enzyme detergent surgical instrument cleaner rendered the superior washing outcomes.

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Contact us for cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization using enzyme detergent lubricating products that boost productivity and lower the costs for cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization.

The all-in-ONE four enzyme detergent lubricating cleaners lubricate while they cut costs. The enzyme detergent lubricating cleaners clean more effectively and faster. The enzyme detergent lubricating cleaners clean surgical instruments residue free.

Reprocessing Workers are at risk during the manual cleaning of surgical instruments, from the power spraying, splashing, and the creation of contaminated aerosols. The manual cleaning-decontamination-reprocessing of surgical instruments presents the risk of infectious puncture wounds. The handling of each individual surgical instrument device is time consuming, labor intensive, renders limited through-put and has high overhead costs. In the United States manufacturers of surgical instrument washers are not approved by the FDA to market their products as Washer Disinfectors, however, many of the surgical instrument washers are manufactured to produce the times and temperatures that can effectively deliver disinfected surgical instruments.
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