HYDRIM L110W surgical instrument washers
are made in America, create space, and boost surgical instrument reprocessing productivity.

The HYDRIM L110W Instrument Washers lower washing costs. HYDRIM L110W Instrument Washers are made in America with nonproprietary replacement parts.

HYDRIM washers offer a wash and hold cycle for washing surgical instruments prior to flash sterilizing. Buy Surgical Instrument Washer Sterilizers with nonproprietary replacement washer parts.
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The HYDRIM surgical instrument washer disinfectors offer 19 minute washing cycles, 9 minute wash and hold cycles facilitates flash sterilizing, large glass view window allows operator to observe the cycle, touch screen display of washer treatment cycles, and easily configured washer racks for small surgical instruments.

Unit Size:
Dimensions: w x h x d
600 x 850 x 600 mm
23.8” x 33.5” x 23.8”

HYDRIM L110W washers are designed for cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization.
The HYDRIM L110W countertop and undercounter washers are heavy-duty, high volume, single chamber, cabinet style washers designed for thorough and efficient cleaning of surgical instruments, laboratory glassware, nnd utensils.

HYDRIM L110W Countertop
Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfector
Cycle Temperatures
Cold  Water Pre Wash Cycle ambient to 95 F. 
Washer Detergent Cycle 131 F to 137 F. 
Elevated Thermal Rinse Cycle[s] 194 F to 209 F. 
Countertop Washer Hot Air Dry Cycle: 158 F to 230 F. 

The HYDRIM L110W offers a rinse wash cycle of 8 minutes for flash sterilizing surgical instruments. The HYDRIM L110W rapid wash cycle is 10 minutes, with the normal wash cycle for 12 to 15 minutes. The HYDRIM L110W intensive wash cycle is 22 minutes for heavily soiled instruments with dried-on debris.