Surgical instrument cleaning prior to sterilizing surgical instruments can render sterile surgical instruments. Disinfecting surgical instruments requires proper cleaning prior the disinfecting process.

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Instruments cleaned in a Washer Disinfector using a combination enzyme detergent cleaning concentrate confirmed that the efficacy of disinfection was 100%. All surgical instruments sterile at the completion of the process. Properly designed washer disinfectors provide the prerequisite for sterilizing surgical instruments.

The all-in-ONEcleaner enzyme detergent cleaner, the original enzyme surgical instrument cleaner, delivers all the ingredients necessary for the highest quality cleaning outcomes. 

Properly designed washer disinfectors are designed to clean all surfaces thoroughly, thereby providing the prerequisite for the safe handling, disinfecting surgical instruments, and terminally sterilizing surgical instruments. Washer disinfectors, perform low temperature pre-wash, optional ultrasonic washing, detergent washing, purified water elevated temperature rinsing, lubrication and high temperature drying in such a manner as to provide thoroughly clean, stain free and lubricated medical devices.

Sterilizing Surgical Instruments

The proper sequence of treatment and the correct choice of time, temperature and the components used are necessary to render surgical instruments that are critically clean, safe to handle, and have the prerequisite for sterilization. Surgical instrument washer disinfectors employ a cold water pre-wash to remove gross debris. This removes proteins and lipids, preventing them from being baked onto devices during the high temperature treatments to follow. 

Be aware of risks when using glutaraldehyde.

ONEcleaner enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners are designed for cleaning surgical instruments cleaner in less cleaning time and at a lower cost. Properly designed washer disinfector detergents render the complete removal of pathogens. The washer disinfectors washing sequence, cold water pre-wash, ultrasonic cleaning, detergent washing action, final rinses, and drying will provide the prerequisite for safe handling and sterilizing. Surgical instrument cleaning prior to sterilizing surgical instruments can render sterile surgical instruments.
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