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Multiple enzyme cleaners that deliver four free rinsing enzymes, with surface cleaning detergents, clean surgical instruments more effectively.

The ONEcleaner enzymatic detergent surgical instrument cleaners are designed for delivering the highest quality cleaning outcomes, cleaning surgical instruments residue free, with less time, and with lower reprocessing costs.

The primary goal of enzyme surgical instrument cleaning is to remove proteinaceous bioburden which includes proteins, starches and lipids. This requires four enzymes (Lipase, Amylase, Carbohydrase, and Protease) for cleaning surgical instruments effectively and fast with lower costs. Enzymatic enzyme detergent surgical instrument cleaner product claims of "fast acting" enzymes and "strongest enzymes" are typically erroneous. Medical surgical instrument cleaning enzymes all act at the same speed and are of equal strength. The application and the dilution rates determine the speed and the strength as it relates to the quality of surgical instrument cleaning outcomes.

Unlike detergents, higher concentrations of enzymes will deliver higher levels of surgical instrument cleaning performance. The four enzymes that are necessary for removing all forms of bioburden are: lipase enzymes that break down fats, emulsified lipids, fatty acid residue, synthetic lipids, and petroleum jellies, protease enzymes that break down blood including the proteinases and peptidases to catalyze the hydrolytic breakdown of proteins, amylase enzymes that break down starches and catalyze the hydrolysis of starch into to sugars to produce carbohydrate derivatives, and carbohydrase enzymes that break down starch to a lower level, to catalyze higher carbohydrates to lower forms.

ONEcleaner four
 enzyme detergent surgical instrument cleaners
 lubricate while they cut cleaning costs.

The all-in-ONEcleaner four
enzyme surgical instrument detergents
break down all forms of surgical debris.

surgical instrument cleaning detergents
clean faster and clean residue free.

enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners
boost reprocessing productivity.
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