Proper cleaning is the prerequisite for
 disinfecting surgical instruments or terminal sterilization. 

Study presented at APIC demonstrated that a properly designed instrument washer disinfector can sterilize surgical instruments.

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The surgical instrument washer disinfectors cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization used the cycle treatments: pre-wash flushing of gross debris, ultrasonic cleaning, detergent washing, purified water elevated temperature rinses, lubrication, and high temperature air drying. The Washington University School of Medicine examined the performance of a  washer disinfector, for cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization, and found that it removed all organisms from the surgical instruments tested. The washer disinfector was tested for its ability to complete remove pathological organisms from surgical instruments.

Surgical Instrument Washer disinfection 100%.

APIC Clinical Research Study
A. Drake, RN and L. Ayers, MD.,
Ohio State University Hospitals, Columbus, Ohio,
The technology of a thermal washer decontaminator disinfector offered increased protection to our reprocessing staff due to decreased handling. The washing cycles of the washer disinfector, using an enzyme detergent lubricating cleaner were; from flush rinse, sonic bath, wash, rinse, lubricate, and drying at 240 F. for 4 minutes. The washer disinfector was challenged with selected instruments and utensils that are considered to be very difficult to clean. The instruments were processed in the washer disinfector in 3 separate loads during times of high volume operation. All products were tested for sterility. All instruments and utensils tested were sterile at the completion of the process.

Ann Drake, RN, Dir, SPD, Ohio State,
John Temple Product Development

Cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization using enzyme detergent lubricating surgical instrument cleaners is more effective than using separate enzyme, detergent, and lubricating products. Surgical instrument washers provide the prerequisite for cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization. Cleaning surgical Instruments prior to sterilization is the prerequisite for surgical instrument sterilization.


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