Cleaning Eye Surgical Instruments
and rinsing clean.

The Universal Processing Solution, the original version of the all-in-ONE™, is designed to provide a residue free surface when critically cleaning eye surgical instruments. The easy-FOAM-it™ is an all-in-ONE™ Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner and is appropriate for cleaning eye surgical instruments. This is especially important when cleaning Eye Surgical Instruments.

Many cases of TASS result from deficiencies in the methods used for cleaning eye surgical instruments and in the sterilization of the eye surgical instruments. Any cleaning substance used during the cleaning process can result in TASS if enough of it enters the eye. Eye surgical instrument cleaners detergents, enzymes, and residual metallic ions that are left on the eye surgical instruments as a result of inadequate cleaning have been implicated. Eye surgical instrument cleaners should be Neutral pH and "free-rinsing" to facilitate a residue free instrument surface which can be instrumental in preventing TASS. In addition, heat-stable bacterial endotoxins in sterilizer reservoirs or water baths may contaminate instruments. Denatured viscoelastic trapped in eye surgical instruments and cannulas can also result in TASS. surgical instrument washer racks have been developed that clean cannulated eye surgical instruments inside and out. These Eye surgical instrument washer racks should deliver a more thorough cleaning process than manual cleaning, and will also lower cleaning costs, and provide a more rapid turnaround of Eye Surgical Instruments. When cleaning eye surgical instruments, rinsing is important in preventing TASS.

Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 
Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaning, 

The CLEANING of eye surgical instruments for cataract surgery appear to be important factors involved in many of the cases of TASS. For cleaning eye surgical instruments we have the following information. The all-in-ONE Universal Processing Solution is formulated as a highly effective, free-rinsing cleaner for all forms of bioburden, minerals deposits, and stains. The all-in-ONE Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner has been meticulously formulated with multiple enzymes within a non-foaming chemical complex to provide an ultra-clean, residue-free surface. The all-in-ONE Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner is also available in the form of the easy-FOAM-it. The easy-FOAM-it dispenser creates a thick layer of foam on the surface of the eye surgical instrument but once applied the easy-FOAM-it is non-foaming. Although foaming is valuable for hydrating debris and preventing encrustation on soiled eye surgical instruments FOAMING DURING THE CLEANING PROCESS IS DETRIMENTAL. This is especially important with Ultrasonic Cleaners and Automated Eye Surgical Instrument Washers. CLEANERS WITHOUT FOAM CONTROL systems require excessive rinsing since too much foam can cause unwanted residuals to be retained on the instrument surface. The all-in-ONE Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner cleans and leaves a residue free surface with minimal rinsing. The all-in-ONE  Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner will exceed your expectations as an outstanding residue-free eye surgical instrument cleaner. We encourage you to evaluate the all-in-ONE Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner for your eye surgical instrument cleaning processes.


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