The removal of emulsified bioburden from eye surgical instruments is one the most difficult cleaning challenges.
 Cleaning the eye surgical instruments used for phacoemulsification offers a difficult cleaning challenge due to the emulsification of lipids and proteins.

Surgical procedures that involve suction produce emulsified forms of bioburden, this includes eye surgical procedures that use phacoemulsification. Due to the increased awareness of TASS and it's most probable causes, the all-in-ONE and ONEcleaner eye surgical instrument detergent enzyme cleaners were developed as free rinsing detergent enzyme lubricant cleaners that render residue free prior to sterilizing the eye surgical instruments. The ONEcleaner four enzyme surgical instrument cleaners lubricate while they cut costs. The four enzyme eye surgical instrument detergents cleaners clean more effectively and faster. The ONEcleaner enzyme detergent eye surgical instrument cleaners clean residue free

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0025-32 easy FOAM-it soaking FOAM eye surgical instruments, 12 each, 32 ounce bottles with foaming applicators, per case, eye surgical instrument detergent four enzyme lubricant cleaners are for re-hydrating dried on debris, removing rust, mineral incrustations, stains, and rinsing residue free.
0225-01 Medical Enzymatic Surgical Instrument Cleaner Detergent Lubricant, 4 gallon jugs with 1 pump per case, deliver eye surgical instrument detergent four enzyme lubricant cleaners for soaking medical devices, manual cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, and automated washing,
0225-05 Medical Enzyme Washer Disinfector Detergent Lubricant Cleaner, 5 gallon jugs, contain eye surgical instrument detergent enzyme lubricant cleaners for being dispensed via spigot at decontamination workstations and use with surgical instrument washer disinfectors, scope washers, and ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaners.

During the field trials it was discovered that the ONEcleaner eye surgical instrument detergent enzyme cleaners performed better than any other product for cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization, including instrumentation exhibiting the most challenging bioburden, stains, and encrustation. The ONEcleaner eye surgical instrument detergent enzyme cleaners that lubricate while they clean are recognized as the most powerful cleaning products available and are used to avoid the rinsing problems associated with using eye surgical instrument detergents and enzymatic eye surgical instrument cleaners.

Surgical Instrument Cleaning Detergents