Imagine...ONE product
replacing; soaking enzymatic cleaners, surgical instrument cleaning detergents, surgical instrument lubricants, and stain removers, while it cuts reprocessing costs, cleans residue free, and improves surgical instrument performance. 
That is the ONEcleaner.

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surgical instrument cleaning detergents with enzymatic cleaning and lubrication
Product: 0225-01
Price: $112.94 ($28.24 per gallon).
Case of: 4 gallon jugs with 1 pump.
Shipping weight is 41 pounds.
For cleaning surgical instruments, scopes, utensils, patient care equipment, and medical devices.
For use soaking medical instruments and re-hydrating debris, removing stains, with manual cleaning, ultrasonic cleaners, scope washers, and surgical instrument washers.

ONEcleaner enzymatic cleaners
with detergents cut cleaning costs
with superior cleaning power.

soaking enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners
easy FOAM-it soaking FOAM enzymatic cleaners
Product: 0225-32.
Price: $116.85 ($9.74 per bottle).
Case of: 12 each, 32 ounce bottles with FOAM applicator.
Shipping weight is 26 pounds.
For soaking re-hydrating dried on debris, removing stains and mineral encrustations.

The easy FOAM-it™ highly concentrated enzymatic surgical instrument cleaner lays down a thick blanket to hydrate and remove proteinaceous debris, hard water deposits, and encrusted stains, for fast acting enzyme detergent cleaning action. When water is added the ‘foam’ dissipates to provide a clear ‘free-rinsing’ cleaning and conditioning solution.

For medical enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners to clean effectively, detergents are necessary that will remove the soil from the surface of the surgical instruments, working with four enzymes break down all forms of surgical bioburden and debris.

Enzymes working with detergents are necessary for superior cleaning outcomes.