The BRAVO 17 Sterilizers, Countertop Sterilizer, and Table top Sterilizer unwrapped sterilizer Tabletop Sterilizer is a 9 minute cycle, valuable when you need a Flash Sterilizer Cycle. The Tabletop Sterilizer Statim 5000 Surgical Instrument Sterilizer wrapped sterilizer Tabletop Sterilizer cycle is 17.5 minutes. Countertop Sterilizer and Tabletop Sterilizer to sterilize between procedures. Surgical Instrument Sterilizer Statim Countertop Sterilizer and Tabletop Sterilizer are fully automatic and easy to operate. The Statim 5000 Countertop Sterilizer and Table top Sterilizer is easy to use to sterilize between procedures. The Statim 5000 Countertop Sterilizer and Tabletop Sterilizer is fully automatic and easy to operate.
Tabletop Sterilizers with Flash Sterilizer Cycle
Tabletop Sterilizers
The BRAVO 17 Autoclave Tabletop Sterilizers deliver an 11 sterilizing minute cycle for unwrapped instruments. The BRAVO Autoclave Sterilizers provide a dry load every time. 

The BRAVO large capacity can process three wrapped full size cassettes or fifteen pouches. The SciCan BRAVO Tabletop Sterilizers are made in America, are easy to use and offer a Flash Sterilizer Cycle.

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