easy FOAM-it
prewash soaking
enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners
The easy FOAM-it enzyme detergent prewash soaking cleaners rapidly clean surgical instruments and remove surgical bioburden from medical devices.

surgical instrument detergent cleaners
for pre was soaking surgical instruments and removing of all forms of surgical debris, mineral encrustations, and stains.

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surgical instrument cleaning detergents.

Pre was soaking surgical instrument cleaning enzymes should be used in a liquid or foam state, to avoid creating aerosols. Enzyme aerosols from pre was soaking enzyme cleaners have been associated with respiratory irritations. When applying enzyme prewash soaking surgical instrument cleaners, use them in a foam state, to avoid creating aerosols.

How long should surgical instruments soak?

It is not possible to predict the amount of time necessary, for a surgical instrument should prewash soaking enzyme detergent cleaner, without visual observation of the amount and type of surgical debris and the level of dehydration needed. The generic statement, for the prewash soaking time, of enzyme detergent cleaners, is 10 minutes. More or less time may be necessary.

Our customers report, that when they use the easy FOAM-it, prewash soaking enzyme detergent cleaners, just minutes after applying the foam, the surgical bioburden, debris and stains that just fall off. They also report that for surgical instruments that are very seriously stained or exhibit severely dried on debris, they "just leave then soaking overnight" or have them soaking until the next shift arrives. We guarantee that the easy FOAM-it is prewash enzymatic detergent cleaner is safe for soaking and cleaning all types (all materials) of surgical instruments, utensils, and scopes.

The easy FOAM-it prewas soaking cleaner delivers a highly concentrated level of enzymes, detergents, and surface lubricating ingredients that offer prewash soaking times that are as brief as possible.

The optimal soaking temperature a medical enzyme prewash soaking device cleaner peaks at ~ 137 degrees F, 58.33 degrees C. The cleaning activity of enzyme surgical instrument soaking does not stop at this temperature but is less effective at lower and higher temperatures. Most healthcare reprocessing facilities, out of cost and logistical necessity, soak surgical instruments at room temperature.

The easy FOAM-it prewash soaking enzyme detergent 
surgical instrument cleaner
FOAM delivers
enzyme cleaners,
surface cleaning detergents and a surface lubricant, for moving parts.

ONE cleaners prewash soaking surgical instrument cleaners rapidly break down and remove stains, mineral encrustations, and all forms of surgical bioburden.

0225-32, easy FOAM-it prewash soaking enzymatic surgical instrument cleaner with detergents and surface lubricant, is packaged as 12 each, 32 ounce bottles with foam applicators, for rapidly removing dried on debris and stains.

easy FOAM-it prewash soaking enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners optimize the protective power of the surgical instruments passive layer. This avoids corrosion.

Incorrect surgical instrument sterilization can damage the passive layer of protection. Proper surgical instrument soaking and cleaning strengthens the passive layer of protection against surgical instrument corrosion.

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