enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners
with surfactant detergents clean residue free.

Enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners
that lubricate while they clean
cut cleaning costs.

The enzyme surgical instrument detergents deliver: protease enzyme detergents, amylase enzyme detergents, lipase enzyme detergents, and carbohydrase enzyme detergents, to quickly remove the most stubborn organic encrustation and bio-burden including: blood, fat, carbohydrates, starches, and protein.

The ONEcleaner four enzyme detergent cleaners lubricate while they cut costs. The four enzyme surgical instrument detergents cleaners clean more effectively and faster. The ONEcleaner enzyme detergent cleaners clean surgical instruments residue free.

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The all-in-ONE and ONEcleaner medical enzyme surgical instrument cleaner detergents deliver a unique formula of enzymatic surfactant detergents with surgical instrument lubrication. Detergents are necessary to clean the surface of surgical instruments when the enzymatic cleaners break down contamination. Four enzyme medical enzyme surgical instrument detergents will remove surgical instrument stains, prevent surgical instrument pitting and corrosion, recondition water to avoid surgical instrument mineral encrustation, strengthen surgical stainless steel surface protection, and lubricate surgical instruments. Enzymatic Surgical Instrument Cleaners with detergent ingredients clean faster.

Buy medical surgical instrument detergent four enzyme lubricant cleaners packaged as the 0025-32 easy FOAM-it pre wash soaking surgical instrument and scope cleaner, 12 each, 32 ounce bottles with foaming applicators, for re-hydrating dried on debris, removing rust, mineral incrustations, stains, and rinsing residue free.

0225-1 enzymatic surgical instrument cleaner detergent Llubricant, 4 gallon jugs with 1 pump, for pre wash soaking of medical devices, manual cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, automated washing, and for use at decontamination workstations for cleaning soiled surgical instruments, utensils, scopes, bedside care equipment, and respiratory case equipment.

0225-5 enzymatic surgical instrument cleaner lubricant, 5 gallon jugs, for being dispensed via spigot at decontamination workstations and use with surgical instrument washer disinfectors, scope washers, and ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaners.

0225-15 enzyme surgical instrument cleaner lubricant, 15 gallon jugs, for use with surgical instrument washer disinfectors, case cart washers, and ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaners.

0225-30 enzyme surgical instrument cleaner lubricant, 30 gallon jugs, for use with surgical instrument washer disinfectors, case cart washers, and ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaners.

0225-55 enzyme surgical instrument cleaner lubricant, 55 gallon jugs, for surgical instrument washer disinfectors, case cart washers, ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaners, scope washers, and centralized enzyme detergent lubricant dispensing.

The four enzyme medical enzyme surgical instrument detergents break down and remove bioburden, clean the surface, remove stains, and condition the surface to prevent staining and corrosion and pitting. The free rinsing four enzyme medical surgical instrument cleaner detergents condition source water and counters the effects of hard water for spotless surgical instruments. The ONEcleaner medical enzyme surgical instrument detergents lubricate moving parts while they clean surgical instruments.

The four enzyme medical enzyme surgical instrument detergents is for cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilizingThe four enzyme medical surgical instrument cleaner detergent will avoid the corrosion of surgical instruments. The four enzyme surgical instrument cleaner detergent swill improve surgical instrument washer cleaning performance. The four enzyme surgical instrument cleaner detergent replaces multiple products, including ultrasonic cleaning solutions. Contact yourCEBA for product information that will lower your costs, for medical enzyme surgical instrument cleaners, while delivering the surgical instrument care that your surgical instruments deserve.

 The yourCEBA surgical instrument decontamination products are designed for the reprocessing of reusable medical devices:surgical instrument, scopes, utensils, bedside care equipment and respiratory care equipment. The initial cleaning and decontamination of surgical instrument often involves a pre wash detergent surgical instrument soaking solution.

This is typically accomplished in at decontamination work sinks or height adjustable decontamination workstations. Excessively soiled instruments are often pre cleaned using an ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning solution. Following decontamination and re-packaging the medical devices are washed using enzyme surgical instrument cleaning detergents and washer disinfector detergents for automated and surgical instrument washer sterilizers. Surgical instrument washers, scope washers, washer disinfectors, surgical instrument washer decontaminators, and washer sterilizers. Surgical instrument washer decontaminator disinfectors have been designed to deliver consistently  superior cleaning outcomes, based on the proper sequence of cleaning treatments for cleaning surgical instruments prior to sterilization


Surgical Instrument Cleaning Detergents