Surgical instrument washer disinfectors,

medical Surgical instrument cleaning detergents, and

enzymatic surgical instrument cleaning detergents can

lower reprocessing risks to the Medical Staff.

Reprocessing Surgical Instruments

It is a recognized risk of exposure to unidentified microorganisms that reprocessing personal endure during the decontamination, reprocessing-cleaning of surgical instruments. Our goal is to minimize the amount and degree of reprocessing personal exposure to this risk and provide surgical instruments that are clean: safe to handle, safe for patient care, and reprocessed at the lowest cost. Optimal reprocessing cleaning of surgical instruments will secure the prerequisite for disinfecting surgical instruments and sterilizing surgical instruments. Healthcare Facilities manually clean surgical instruments: with dried on or excessive debris, cannulated surgical instruments, surgical instruments with working channels and/or surgical instruments with lumens.

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Healthcare Facilities also manually clean surgical instruments, when a surgical instrument washer decontaminators or washer disinfectors is not available. Hand washing surgical instruments places the reprocessing personnel at risk. In the decontamination area, surgical instruments are received that are contaminated with variable amounts of debris and unidentified microorganisms. In the Clean Side reprocessing area, surgical instruments requiring further reprocessing are handled by unprotected reprocessing personnel. The yourCEBA medical enzyme surgical instrument cleaner detergents lubricate while they clean.

Multiple Enzyme Cleaners clean instruments cleaner.

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Reprocessing Workers at Risk Cleaning Surgical Instruments Inherent in the manual cleaning-decontamination-reprocessing of surgical instruments is power spraying, splashing, and the creation of contaminated aerosols. The manual cleaning-decontamination-reprocessing of surgical instruments presents the risk of infectious puncture wounds.  The handling of each individual surgical instrument device is time consuming, labor intensive, renders limited through-put and has high overhead costs. In the United States manufacturers of Surgical Instrument Washers are not approved by the FDA to market their products as Washer Disinfectors. However, many of the Surgical Instrument Washers are manufactured to produce the times and temperatures that can effectively deliver disinfected surgical instruments.

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If it is your preference to have cleaning reprocessing results of a washer disinfector, refer to the Surgical Instrument Washer Specifications for assurance that the times and temperatures available are those you consider to be appropriate for disinfecting surgical instruments. Reprocessing Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfectors can safely contain within their chambers the cleaning-decontamination-reprocessing functions, removal of debris, and contaminated aerosols.
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