Surgical Instrument Cleaning Detergents
with lubricant are neutral pH, and phosphate free.

ONEcleaner enzyme detergent cleaners remove all forms of surgical debris, stains, and mineral encrustations.

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surgical instrument cleaning detergents.

surgical instrument cleaning detergents
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ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaners render high quality cleaning outcomes for medical devices prior to sterilization. The surgical instrument cleaning detergents deliver medical devices that are residue free.

The ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaning detergents with enzyme cleaners and lubricant avoid surgical instrument corrosion. Your first-line-of-defense against surgical instrument corrosion and pitting is the passive layer of surgical instruments. Stainless steel surgical instruments are made of corrosion resistant high-grade specialty steels. One of the characteristics of these steels is that the manufacturer forms a passive oxide layer on the surface of all surgical instruments, which protects them against corrosion. This makes surgical instruments as corrosion resistant as possible. It is imperative that you maintain the passive layer of surgical instruments to prevent corrosion and maintain your surgical instruments in optimal condition. If this is not done, the surgical instrument stainless steel will corrode or stain more readily which will reduce the life of the surgical instrument and render it useless.

Initially, all stainless steel surgical instruments have the same corrosion resistance. Surface strength and hardness are important factors for properly functioning surgical instruments.  If the passive layer is not maintained corrosion resistance is lower. Increasing the corrosion resistance will strengthen the surgical instruments stainless steel. Manufacturers of surgical instruments recommend using neutral pH surgical instrument lubricants and surgical instrument cleaners during the soaking and cleaning of stainless steel surgical instruments.

The ONEcleaner neutral pH surgical instrument cleaners have been shown to optimize the protective power of the surgical instruments passive layer. This provides a longer life for surgical instruments.

ONEcleaner enzyme detergent surgical instrument cleaners formulation includes highly concentrated, neutral pH, water soluble, temperature activated surgical instrument lubricants that build the strength of the passive layer to prevent corrosion. The process is called Passivation. Passivation eliminates the carbon molecules from the instrument surface. This forms a layer which acts as a corrosive resistant seal. This chemical process will occur through the repeated exposure to cleaning with neutral pH chemicals. With proper surgical instrument cleaning, surgical instrument handling, and terminal sterilization, the passive layer of chromium oxide will build up and protect the surgical instruments from corrosion and pitting.

In some circumstances, older surgical instruments are less corrosive than new ones. The newer surgical instruments have not had the time to build up the chromium oxide layer. Improper surgical instruments cleaning and sterilization can cause the layer of chromium oxide to disappear or become damaged. This increases the possibility of surgical instrument corrosion and pitting. Proper surgical instrument soaking and cleaning can cause the layer of chromium oxide to improve over time thus decreasing the possibility of surgical instrument corrosion and pitting.

Surgical Instrument Cleaning Detergents