ONEcleaner Surgical Instrument Washer Detergents
 clean faster and cut costs.

ONEcleaner Surgical Instrument Washer Detergents clean residue free.

 The lubricating Surgical Instrument Washer Detergents boost washing productivity. All manufacturers of surgical instruments recommend using neutral pH chemicals.

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The ONEcleaner enzyme detergent cleaners are the original enzyme surgical instrument cleaner detergents that lubricate while they clean. Manufacturers of surgical instruments are consistent in their recommendations for the proper sequence of cleaning treatments to optimize the care of surgical instruments and for sterilizing surgical instruments.

Their recommendations are based on a sequence of chemical and mechanical treatments which include using: neutral pH chemicals, combination cleaning agents four enzyme detergents, cold water pre-wash, elevated temperature detergent cleaning, redundant purified water rinses, and elevated temperature (above boiling point) hot air drying. Four enzymes are necessary to breakdown bioburden. Surgical instrument cleaners that do not contain these four enzymes cannot effectively remove all forms of bioburden. For the surgical instrument cleaning process to be thorough, four surgical instrument cleaner enzymes are needed.

four enzyme surgical instrument cleaners
lubricate while they cut costs.

The four enzyme surgical instrument detergents cleaners clean more effectively and faster. ONEcleaner neutral pH enzyme surgical instrument cleaners clean residue free.

Surgical Instrument Cleaning Detergents