Tabletop Sterilizers with Flash Sterilizer Cycle
Tabletop Sterilizers

The BRAVO Table top sterilizers deliver the unwrapped sterilizer cycle times of 9 minutes, wrapped sterilizer cycle times of 17.5 minutes, are shipped directly to you from the factory, and are made in America.

The SciCan BRAVO Tabletop Sterilizer (with Flash Sterilizer Cycle) drying system provides a perfectly dry load every time. In addition, Bravo’s large  capacity allows the office to quickly process three wrapped full-size cassettes or up to fifteen pouches. Unlike many other table top sterilizer chamber autoclaves, the BRAVO table top sterilizer countertop sterilizers avoid instrument stains because they use fresh distilled water for every cycle. The SciCan BRAVO Table top Sterilizer comes in three models to suit the most far ranging requirements. SciCan BRAVO Table top Sterilizers deliver a flash sterilizer cycle.

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Tabletop Sterilizers