Universal Processing Solution
ultrasonic cleaning solutions
render residue free surgical instruments.

Due to the increased awareness of TASS and it's most probable causes, rinsing off the cleaning agents being used, the ONEcleaner Universal Processing Solution surgical instrument detergent enzyme cleaners and washer disinfector detergents were developed as a free rinsing cleaner for rendering residue free eye surgical instruments.

During the field trials it was discovered that the surgical instrument cleaning detergents performed better than any other product available, for removing, even the most challenging bioburden, stains, and encrustation.

The ONEcleaner enzymatic surgical instrument detergents boost productivity and are used worldwide for: soaking surgical instrument and scopes, manually cleaning medical devices, ultrasonic cleaning, and automated surgical instrument washer disinfectors.

The ONEcleaner surgical instrument detergent enzymes cleaners replace multiple surgical instrument cleaning products, medical enzyme detergents for surgical instruments, surgical instrument detergents, surgical instrument lubricants, ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning solutions, universal processing solutions, scope washing enzyme detergents, and automated surgical instrument washer disinfector surgical instrument cleaners.

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The ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaning Universal Processing Solutions are highly concentrated and deliver; four enzyme cleaners, water soluble lubricants, and surgical instrument cleaning detergents that clean faster and residue free.

The ONEcleaner surgical instrument detergent enzymes remove stains. Surgical instrument cleaning detergents with enzymes avoid corrosion and pitting. Enzymes alone do not clean surgical instruments. Surgical instrument detergents are necessary to clean the surface of surgical instruments once enzymes have broken down bioburden. Surgical instrument detergents can avoid corrosion. The primary function of an enzyme cleaner is to break down soil, usually surgical bioburden. For surgical instrument detergents to clean properly, detergents are necessary that remove the soil from the surface. A combination of enzymes and detergents are necessary for optimal cleaning.

The ONEcleaner Universal Processing Solutions remove surgical bioburden from surgical instruments, dissolve mineral encrustation, remove stains, enhance the passive layer of surgical instrument stainless steel, and apply a water soluble surgical instrument lubricant.