medical enzyme surgical instrument detergents
made in the USA deliver a unique formula of four enzymes with detergents and water soluble
surgical instrument lubricants.

Detergents are necessary to remove debris from the surface while enzyme surgical instrument cleaners
break down all forms of surgical bioburden.

Four enzyme medical enzyme surgical instrument detergents will remove surgical instrument stains, prevent surgical instrument pitting and corrosion, recondition water to avoid surgical instrument mineral encrustation, strengthen surgical stainless steel surface passive layer of protection, and provide water soluble surgical instrument lubrication.

The all-in-ONEcleaner enzyme detergent cleaners are the original water soluble lubricating enzyme surgical instrument cleaner detergents.

Enzymatic surgical Instrument cleaners with highly concentrated surface cleaning detergent ingredients clean faster. Enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners that lubricate while they clean cut cleaning costs. The ONEcleaner four enzyme surgical instrument cleaner delivers all the ingredients necessary for superior cleaning outcomes that clean rapidly cut cleaning costs.

The ONEcleaner formulation includes four medical enzyme detergents: protease enzymes, amylase enzymes, lipase enzymes, and carbohydrase enzymes, to effectively remove the most stubborn organic bio-burden and mineral incrustations including: blood, fat, carbohydrates, starches, proteins, and emulsified proteinaceous compounds.

 ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaners clean residue free.

The four enzyme medical enzyme surgical instrument detergents break down and remove bioburden, clean the surface, remove stains, and condition the surface to prevent staining and corrosion and pitting. The free rinsing enzyme medical surgical instrument cleaning detergents condition source water and counter the effects of hard water for spotless instruments. Medical surgical instrument cleaning detergents will avoid the corrosion of surgical instruments. The four enzyme surgical instrument cleaner detergent improve surgical instrument washer cleaning performance. The four enzyme surgical instrument cleaner detergents replace multiple products, including ultrasonic cleaning solutions.

Contact yourCEBA for product information that will lower your costs for medical enzyme surgical instrument cleaners while delivering the surgical instrument care that you and your surgical instruments deserve. The yourCEBA surgical instrument cleaning products are designed for reprocessing reusable medical devices, surgical instruments, scopes, utensils, bedside care equipment and respiratory care equipment.
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